Chlorinated Solvents

Carbon Tetrachloride

Our complete range of carbon tetrachloride is basically carbon compound which are used for various industrial. Our clients are availed by us a superior quality carbon tetrachloride which meet the parameters defined by national and international standards. To fulfill the bulk of orders, we have capacious warehouses to store them efficiently.

Ethylene Di Chloride

Our company has always been known for its quality supply of acidic chemicals and solvents in the market. Our product range also comprises of Ethylene Di Chloride for our clients in different industries. This colourless compound pertains chloroform like smell and is widely used as a solvent as well as an intermediate in manufacturing a series of different organic compounds. The solvent has been widely in demand internationally because of its usage in manufacturing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).


Here’s the list of compounds Ethylene Di Chloride finds usage in:


  • Rigid and flexible raisins of PVC
  • Construction industry
  • Textile industries
  • Adhesives and metal cleaning

Ethylene Di Chloride

Our quality range of Methylene Chloride is also known as Di-Chloromethane and Methylene Dichloride. These chemicals are clear, colorless and volatile liquid with a mild ethereal odor which is completely miscible with a variety of solvent. Further, these chemicals are nonflammable and does not deplete stratospheric ozone.


We offers Perchloroethylene as per client requirement. Tetrachloroethylene, also known under its systematic name tetrachloroethene and many other names, is a chlorocarbon with the formula Cl2C=CCl2. It is a colourless liquid widely used for dry cleaning of fabrics, hence it is sometimes called "dry-cleaning fluid." It has a sweet odor detectable by most people at a concentration of 1 part per million (1 ppm). Worldwide production was about 1 megaton in 1985.[1]


  • Molecular formula C2Cl4
  • Molar mass 165.8 g/mol
  • Appearance clear, colorless liquid
  • Density 1.622 g/cm3, liquid
  • Melting point −19 °C (254 K)
  • Boiling point - 121.1 °C (394 K)
  • Solubility in water 0.015 g/100 ml (20 °C)
  • Viscosity 0.89 cP at 25 °C.


A Versatile Industrial Solvent Trichloroethylene (Tce) is a Versatile Solvent with Wide Commercial Applications, Chiefly Due to Its Physical Properties. It Has High Solvent Power, is Nonflammable and is Practically Insoluble in Water. It is Chemically Stable Under Operating Conditions. All This Contributes to Its Popularity as a Cleaning Agent.

The Low Latent Heat, Low Boiling Point, Low Viscosity and High Vapour Density of Tce Make It Ideal for Vapour Degreasing of Metal Parts Without Problems of Handling. Tce is Rapidly Replacing Other Cleaning Processes Such as Emulsion, Alkaline and Steam Cleaning.

Tce is a Clear, Almost Colourless, Volatile Liquid with a Characteristic Odour. It is Highly Soluble in Ether and Alcohol and is Miscible with Most Organic Solvents While Being Practically Insoluble in Water.

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Applications Metal Cleaning, Finishing and Vapour Degresing:
Cold, Ultrasonic and Vapour Degreasing of Metal Parts.
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