Ketones & Derivatives


We are offering Acetone with chemical formula, OC (CH3)2, that acts as a solvent for cleaning purposes in laboratory. It is used as an active ingredient in nail polish remover and as paint thinner and sanitary cleaner/nail polish remover base. 

Cyclo Hexanone

Our company is a leading name in the industry of supplying and exporting a series of solvents and acidic chemicals. Our company’s wide range also offers Cyclo Hexanone Diethelene Glycol. It’s a slightly yellowish colour compound which and is soluble in most of the organic solvents for many applications in different industries. The compound is extensively used in manufacturing Nylon 6, 6 as well as Nylon 6. Our company delivers whatsoever amount of requirement it is in safe packaging and timely delivery. 


Certain characteristics of the product:


  • Affordable range
  • Safe packaging
  • Multiple applications

Formal Dehyde

Our company is one of the most distinguished names in the supplying and export of a wide range of acidic chemicals and solvents in the market. Our product range also offers Formal Dehyde to our clients. This product finds major application in acting as a prime ingredient in manufacturing of numerous polymers. Our compound is stored in best of facilities and all the hygiene conditions are taken care of. Our company assures timely delivery for even bulk orders with safe packaging to any part of India.


Certain uses of the compound include:


  • Photography
  • Disinfectant
  • Embalming agent
  • Manufacturing polymers

ISO Propanol

Isopropyl alcohol is readily available. Like acetone, it dissolves a wide range of polar compounds. It is also relatively non-toxic and evaporates quickly. Thus it is used widely as a solvent and as a cleaning fluid, especially for dissolving lipophilic contaminants such as oil. Examples include cleaning electronic devices such as contact pins (like those on ROM cartridges), magnetic tape and disk heads (such as those in audio and video tape recorders and floppy disk drives), the lenses of lasers in optical disc drives (e.g. CD, DVD) and removing thermal paste from IC packages (such as CPUs.) It is used to clean LCD and glass computer monitor screens (at some risk to the anti-reflection coating on some screens), and used to give second-hand or worn records newer-looking sheens

Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Our company has established a brand for itself as a leading supplier and exporter of an extensive range of acidic chemicals and solvents in the industry. Among other compounds, our company also offers Methyl Ethyl Ketone, also known as Butanone in the market. This water soluble compound has a sharp smell and is widely used in manufacturing paraffin wax, glues, varnishes, lacquers and many more. Our company ensures a safe delivery within the stipulated frame of time.


Certain characteristics our product comprises of:


  • High hygiene conditions
  • Safe packaging
  • Affordable range

Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone

We have come up with an extensive range of Methyl Iso Butyl Acetate, which is made in accordance to the varied demands of clients. It is widely used in industrial applications and are made as per the international quality standards. It is a colorless, transparent and clear liquid that is known for its accurate composition, quality and purity.
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